Soul Musings

Deep within us all there is an amazing inner sanctuary of the soul, a holy place, a divine Center, a speaking Voice, to which we may continuously return.


Thomas R. Kelley

Abide in me, and I in you.- John 15:4 KJV

There is a treasure of immeasurable riches at your Center, just waiting to be discovered. Something so wonderful it is beyond expectations or descriptions, unlike all that we consider real. At its source is a gateway to a garden rich with fruits of joy, light, and warmth to bring comfort, peace, and rest. 


The soul is the source of inexhaustible abundance, connecting us all to the Divine, the origin of everything, God. This is who we are, our very essence, our True Nature. The journey of discovering our Highest-Self within is the ultimate adventure, the final destination. This is the journey we were created for, the path just waiting to be taken.




I was one year out of college in Washington D.C., having the time of my life while training for a new job. Following directions given over the telephone, I was driving my new best friend Gary to a party. We sat lost at a red light, Gary holding the map in his lap, both of us uncertain of which way to go. I had a very strong “feeling” not to go left even though it would take us in the general direction. So of course I ignored it, went left, only to collide directly into a red classic Alfa Romero. I remember someone joking that I had good taste in cars since I ruined a beautiful Italian sports car. 


Have you ever felt things inside of you that you just can’t understand?  Do you get premonitions that later turn out to come true?  I remember my above accident in our nation’s capital as the first time that I had one of these communications, but was it really? I strongly suspect that this was just the first time that I had noticed.


So, the next time you get a message from deep inside of you, heed its call. You never know when an Italian sports car may be coming around the next bend.


Below an ancient wall, the remains of which are crumbling,

lies a rock foundation of the mason’s bygone rendering.


Have you ever felt a spark, something unexplained?

It’s the answer to the question that still remains unnamed.


There’s a hint of a Soul, the Mystery to be found,

the shadow of a Stranger moving underground.


A clear mind and quiet stillness

invite Your Presence awakening,

as light and warmth

in my chest,

the vessel of my Soul.


Your Rest is the lesson of Love,

to open my senses,

heal and renew.


The deafening clanging

of the world is made silent,

by torrents of Peace,

through floodgates of Joy.

The spiritual journey in Christian as well as non-Christian forms, is thus about the hatching of the heart, the opening of the self to the reality of the Spirit - Marcus Borg

Marcus J. Borg, The God we Never Knew; Beyond Dogmatic Religion To A More Authenthic Contemporary Faith. 1997 Harper Collins, New York, NY