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Poetry and Prose Celebrating

Recovery, Spirituality, and Unity


Poet, Inspirational Speaker, MH Peer Wellness Facilitator 

This site is dedicated to recovery, spirituality, and promoting unity in our divisive world. My work is drawn from the two bookends of my life, living with anxiety disorder and my lifelong search for divine love. My writings explore a quiet spirituality and celebrate the overwhelming universality of the human experience. I offer poetry here to lift up and thoughtful expressions about life. I also offer information about my Recovery Proud Wellness Programs that I deliver to groups of people in various stages of recovery. Find out more at the bottom of this home page or by clicking the tab Wellness Programs above.

May the tone of my voice, soothe the angst in your heart.

May the intentions of my words, acknowledge the concerns of your prayers.

What is kindness, if not an expression of love?

What is listening, if not a bridge to understanding?

What is quietude, if not a form of prayer?

Into a softened-heart, peace will find its way.


Heartfelt expressions about this beautiful, difficult, bewildering,

and wondrous life.

With content updated periodically, I aim to inspire thoughtful reflection and offer a calming voice in a turbulent world.



Low self-esteem, depression, and anxiety disorders are just a few of very common conditions. Emotional abuse, trauma, and suicide have unique meanings to many of us.

The hard work of recovery can be the greatest endeavor of our lives, embracing our most authentic selves. 

Soul Musings

Do you feel your spirit working inside of you? Are you moved by feelings that you don't quite know how to think about? 


Are you drawn to a quiet spiritual path centered in the privacy of your own heart? Are you intrigued by the phrase, True Rest?


There is a quiet, tranquil, deeply personal spirituality waiting just for you.

Hello,I'm Mark Freeh.

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Recovery Proud

Mark Freeh

MH Peer Wellness Facilitator

Providing Hope

Demonstrating Resilience

Inspiring Change

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