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We are presented with the opportunity of choice countless times a day. It’s a matter of perspective that can help us to deeply appreciate life's beauty and connectedness while making choices to do good, right here, right now.

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Evidence of the Oneness of all things abound,

urging us to stop and notice.

Spirals everywhere! From the shape of gigantic galaxies with numbers of

stars, distances, and sizes too vast for the common mind to grasp.

Down to pine cones and sea shells. All the way down to the double helix

shape of our very own DNA, this time, so minuscule it is beyond

comprehension for most of us.

The ancient Greeks called the principle behind all of this the Golden Ratio

or, as someone did, the Divine Ratio. One more time, from massive galaxies to microscopic DNA, connections seen

in the shape

of the spiral.


A nature loving musician discovered that the whale, wolf, and eagle

all sing in the same key. Imagine!  The voices of the sea, land, and air

all singing in harmony. The chemical that gives raspberries their taste

has been found in outer space for goodness sake!


Same color of blood, two eyes and ears, one nose and mouth,

countless species. Expressions of joy, sadness, anger, and pain

look, sound, and feel the same all over the world.

For all of the noise about skin color, everyone on earth carries

the exact same chemical in their bodies, that in various concentrations,

produces the beautiful palette of Humanity. We all share the same building

blocks of life, breathe the same air, and depend on the same sky for our light,

warmth, and water.


An Omnipresent Bond permeates all reality

with an everlasting strength that can never be broken, 

only ignored. The manufactured divisions and labels we cling to

pale in comparison to the fantastic Unity that pervades our existence.

Opening up to this magnificent Perfection is as straightforward as

looking mindfully into the palm of your hand, before your offer

of a handshake, as you look directly into the eyes of someone carrying

the building blocks of All-Life,

as do you.


The same building blocks carried by the lumbering turtle, a bounding puppy,

the chicken on your plate, and every fruit, vegetable, flower, tree, and tiny leaf

of moss in and around streams, lakes, and rivers, all flowing into the bountiful

ocean, engulfing the entire world.

Seeing things as they are, can be as simple as looking up at the star-filled glittering nightscape to just ponder for a moment or three: How did the chemical that gives raspberries their taste end up both here

and there?

One World, One People

One Universe, One Creation

The Creation of All.

When a man sees All in all, then a man stands beyond mere understanding.

Meister Eickhart.

Saxophonist Paul Winter, while playing live with and to recordings of whales, wolves, and eagles discovered that they all “sing” in the key of D flat. The discovery of ethyl formate in the center of our Milky Way was announced in 2009. It has the odor of rum and helps give raspberries their flavor. Melanin is the pigment that gives human skin, hair, and eyes their color .

Meister Eckhart, 1260 to 1328 was a German theologian, philosopher, and mystic. Quote taken from chapter IV of The Perennial Philosophy by Aldous Huxley, 1945, Harper and Brothers.

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