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Recovery Proud

Peer Wellness Facilitator BSW, CPS

Providing Hope

Demonstrating Resilience

Inspiring Change

Evidence Based

Hope, the belief that these challenges and conditions can be overcome, is the foundation of recovery.... Because setbacks are a natural part of life, resilience becomes a key component of recovery… - The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration,

  • Using my story to provide hope, while teaching straightforward techniques to grow resilience and inspire positive change. 

  • By sharing my own experiences through the hopeful perspective of recovery, I help people access their own stories through a position of strength and purpose.

  • One-time public speaking engagements and ongoing mental health wellness programs.


Helping people in crisis in hospital settings is a crucial part of NAMI Lehigh Valley’s mission to support individuals living with mental illness and their family members. Mark has grown this vital program to one currently serving roughly 200 people every month. - Margaret C. Murphy, NAMI, Lehigh Valley, February, 2019

I cannot thank you enough for your beautiful light that you shine. You have made a life-long change in my life. Keep doing what you are doing, please don’t stop, you are bringing light to very dark places and hope to brokenness. - Hospital Patient, Anonymous; March 2018

He was very sincere in his presentation, I felt very calm. He understands what I’m going though.

Hospital Patient, Anonymous, April 2018

Hearing Mark say that he has mental illness and is not ashamed, changed everything for me. I saw that I was not alone, and that I could get better. Anonymous, August, 2017

My Mission
  • To offer a voice of companionship that validates the individuals own experiences.

  • To help people reconnect with themselves, to believe in their own intrinsic value.

  • To offer straightforward strategies of self-support that equip people to become their own most powerful support person. 

My Journey to Wellness

My uplifting story details how coming to understand both my conditions and my personal story, has unlocked the key to conquering my own shame and living an authentic life in recovery. I discuss the principles and teach the techniques that have turned my life around.

Flexible Programing 

From stand-alone group sessions to multi-session programing that highlight subjects and strategies specific to the particular groups needs.

  • We feel alone, we are not alone, and we need not walk this walk alone. 

  • A holistic approach to support mind, body, and spirit. ​​

  • Specific strategies to increase participation in our own recovery.​

  • The consistent use of self-directed messages to change our negative beliefs and behaviors. 

  • Setbacks happen, recovery still progresses.

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