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Hello, I'm Mark Freeh.

This site is a labor of love to offer the gift of companionship to those cultivating an internal spiritual life and those in recovery dealing with a wide variety of conditions. Now in my 6th decade, there have been two consistent themes over the whole of my life. On one hand I’ve been struggling undiagnosed with several conditions including generalized anxiety and panic disorder which have fueled my low self-esteem and codependence. On the other hand, I’ve been a driven spiritual seeker since I was a boy. These two aspects of my life are now coming to holist fruition allowing me the development of a truly authentic life.


Rather late in life I had a set of transformative experiences that have changed everything.  In the depth of my lowest low's, I had a personal spiritual experience that has changed me deep inside, something not easily put into words. Since that time, I’ve been cultivating my internal life through quite listening, contemplation and writing about my spiritual experiences. In addition, my disorders have finally been properly diagnosed, empowering me to create my personal recovery lifestyle based on an in depth understanding of my conditions and my life story. My professional life is dedicated to using my recovery to help others. More about my work as a Peer Wellness Facilitator can be found in Wellness Programs. 

My aim is to create a safe space here, there are no demands to believe anything, these are simply my own experiences and perspectives. My hope is that the reader can find something here that will somehow enrich their life and that would make this endeavor worth it. 

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